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When TV/Film/Media professionals want to take their programming and creativity to the next level, they hire InDigi Music to assist in taking them there.

We can create a brand new music product from beginning to end based on your requirements or ideas. This includes new composed music or songs specifically tailored to your needs for an advertising campaign, film, tv, video, interactive, mobile or any other need that calls for your audio/visual needs.
We have a continuous growing catalog of currently over 8000 indie tracks/songs ranging from ambient music to orchestral, pop, rock, hip hop, heavy metal music and more. We can make initial selections and/or suggestions based on your current needs, or we can provide music to you on a “pay per use” basis. Eventually, we will have a service that will allow you to audition and license music online right here from our website. Please enter your email address in the box below to receive updates about new music or updates regarding our future online music services.

We have a thorough background in Rights & Clearances. In addition to clearing footage, photos, print materials, or other third-party materials for your project, we can pursue licensing for already-established or “popular” music. For more info, please read our FAQ’s page here.

We are skilled professionals in music licensing and clearances. This includes accurate reporting of music to the Performing Rights Organizations (BMI/ASCAP/SESAC, etc.). We recognize that although sometimes a tedious endeavor, these reportings are pertinent in fulfilling contractual obligations by broadcasters that utilize music in tv, radio, foreign film, etc. We offer cue sheet assistance to alleviate the stress of completing these in requirements in a timely manner.
InDigi Music focuses on finding and clearing the best possible music for your TV/Film/Interactive/Corporate/Commercial & Promos project. We currently work with a number of Music Supervisors and Editors. We can team you up with the right professional so you can get the full one-stop shop experience right here.

We can help provide audio and digital editing, mixing and mastering. We can also outsource video editing if you’re in need of those services too.

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