Brother Christopher’s House

I welcome the new days of random calls and messages solely to ask me how I’m doing. My “big” little brother talks about life and the real world. He has opinions and feelings and isn’t afraid to share them. He gives me advice (who would have thought?) He has compassion and so much love to […]

Alcohol Use Disorder AUD Treatment: MedlinePlus

Content Treatment for Alcohol Addiction at Makana Path ASK YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER IF Important safety information about VIVITROL What Are Some Types of Alcohol Treatment Medications? Medications, Counseling, and Related Conditions Inpatient programs allow the individual to live on the premises of the medical facility and have 24/7 care and mentorship. For those with less […]

Living with an Addict: What to Know and How to Cope

Content Verify a Professional Credential What is the difference between substance use disorder and addiction? Does relapse to drug use mean treatment has failed? Questions about treatment options for alcohol addiction? All treatment starts with a screening, which is a series of questions about the amount and frequency of alcohol or other drug use and […]